Property renovation is the tried and true pathway to potential riches for aspiring Australian homeowners. It is an established route to a secure and wealthy lifestyle, built on the rapacious real estate market in the major cities. So, how do you take something ordinary, mediocre, less than appealing, and transform it into a desirable commodity? It takes nouse and hard work. You must dig out the necessary information in the ‘how to’ realm and apply it expertly to your house of straw, before that wolf gets to your door. Turning it into a stylish house of brick that will not come tumbling down at the first sight of something untoward.

Renovating Your Home into a Stylish Masterpiece for Beginners

Stylish masterpieces are built on tricks of illusion for the eye. Artists know the right moves to fool the human senses. Cosmetic wonders in the building game are much the same. Fashions in home renovations are like fashions everywhere, they come and go and cycle around. Styles, colours and patterns feature prominently across the board. Home construction trends are similarly inclined. Before and after shots capture the fat and ugly before transformation into lean and glamorous. What is trending this year?

Open plan concepts are hot at the moment, with space and freedom featuring as interior building themes. It harks back to the warehouse look of several years ago. Inside, and under high ceilings, your living space is one big happening area, populated with great looking furniture. A local Sydney based company with all the stylish timber furniture you will need to fill your newly renovated open plan home is right here. Clever design and cabinetry is another complementary interior trend in 2017. This can make things sleeker and hide away unwieldy appliances.

Home automation continues to fire the imaginations of the modern home renovator. Push a button, touch a screen, to make things come alive, disappear, light up, sound out, and control the ambience of your domestic abode. Green themes are still at the forefront of many homeowners. The environment may have lost favour with the media, but at home – ‘doing the right eco-thing’ has not gone out of fashion. Sustainable renovations are very cool; and nature is at the heart of many of these moves. Natural looks are in at the moment. Innovative designs achieving balance with the environment are definitely here to stay.