The fashion industry is traditionally fraught with plenty of ups and downs. It is a business that blows hard and hot with hype; and, oftentimes, those balloons come crashing to the hard ground. It is attractive to many for its perceived glamorous side, but behind the curtain, lie factory floors and third world labour pools. Managing a worldwide fashion business would test the mettle of most aspiring fashionistas. One would have to truly love the rag trade, beyond mere teenage infatuations, to survive in this cutthroat game.

Managing A Worldwide Fashion Business: A Guide for Aspiring Fashionistas

It all begins with kids dressing up and pretending to be grown up characters. It is putting on a show and reinventing yourself into something else, something special. Fashion maketh the man and woman. A new skin to walk about in. How do you take those common human inclinations and turn them into a profitable business? The fashion industry is built on the slave labour tradition. For every swank dame swanning about in fine threads, there are a dozen sweatshop workers toiling tirelessly. Clothing manufacture is still a labour-intensive business; and factories are decidedly unglamorous.

Don’t get a headache pondering the injustice of the fashion industry equation, as it is part of a broader unfair world. Wealthy westerners want to dress up and impress their friends, while poor workers just want to feed their families and escape abject poverty. Managing a worldwide fashion business means reconciling these anomalies to the satisfaction of your investors and board. Crunching numbers is what management is really all about. Keeping costs low and profits as high as possible, which is easier said than done. People who work in the fashion business have a perpetually hungry look in their eye.

Management software to help you make the hard decisions, is probably the modern solution for an arcane industry. Fashion and lifestyle dreams are built on fairy tales about princesses and princes. Don’t forget about those ghastly dragons, terrorising the lives of these imagined individuals. The dragon of material reality bays loudly at the door of every fashion business. Keeping wolves from that self-same door is a challenging quest for every aspiring fashionista management candidate. Maintaining the illusion of glamour in your customers’ eyes and hiding the grubby truth about how your garments are actually made, will keep you very busy. You will be surrounded by others, all equally enmeshed in keeping the dream alive: designers, creative directors, and marketing people.